Earn money with live streaming

Create your own channel and start streaming to your audience. You are free to choose the content you want to stream.

How it works

Create your channel

Set up your very own channel by giving it a name you want. After that, your channel is ready for the world to see.

Schedule your broadcast

Schedule a time for the live broadcast and choose a price you want to charge for it.

Your followers will now see your scheduled broadcast and can subscribe to it by paying the amount you defined.

Go live

Once the scheduled date and time has come, you can start your live broadcast with a single click of a button.

Your audience will get a notification that you are live.

Get paid

Once your live broadcast is over, we will transfer you the earned money.

Simple pricing

One pricing for everyone
  • No monthly fees
  • No setup fees
  • Unlimited broadcasts
  • Unlimited viewers
  • No upfront costs
30% platform fee
per viewer payment
Pricing example
  • Stream viewers: 100
  • Stream price: 2,00 €
  • Platform fee: 60 € *30% of payments
  • Streamer profit 140 €

Start live streaming now to earn money

You can focus on live streaming your favorite original content. We made it easy for you in three simple steps.